Free wordpress plugins to enhance WPDating based site

WordPress, it is a Bugatti of Content Management System (CMS). With lots of horse and power, it’s your choice how you want to ride it, you got the full power in your hand. This might sound basic to you, but there are many free WordPress plugins available in the market and free useful plugins that will help you to optimise your WPDating based site in the market. Here, we are going to shed a bright light on some of the useful free plugins that might intentionally or unintentionally upgrade your dating sites based on WPDating.

These are the Love at first sight plugins, that will help you to promote your dating site and meet the purpose to:

  • Maintain social presence of your business & interact
  • Boost your Organic Visitors with SEO techniques
  • Enable site notification with layovers and notifications
  • Reach out to the members of your site with Newsletter

Social Media Connect

According to Statista, there will be around 2.67 billion users of social media around the globe in 2018 (Statista, 2016). That number looks like the adrenaline rush in our nerves. Imagine 1% of traffic on your website, even 0.5% seems very hard, but this mission is possible, unlike Mission Impossible. Integrating social media into your site is progressing idea. You can find many free plugins to name few  Social Media Widget, Social Media Share Buttons and Social Icons (Ultimate Sharing),… and MashShare Social Media Share Buttons. If you have a dating site and you are using plugins from then you don’t have any problem, this plugin comes with integrated social media connect.

SEO Plugin

Bloggers brag that WordPress is Search Engine Optimisation friendly and the fact is, it is. Search engines can be regarded as a core source of traffic in many websites, so why not install it on your website for free, yes you saw it right, free. There are many SEO plugins to access, some of the efficient in town are Yoast SEO, All in One SEO pack, SEO Ultimate,…and Jetpack by

Sitewide Notification

Notification bar plugin and site layovers help you to catch the user attention or display important information to your users. You can customise what to display, where to display in fact, all WH-Question. A variety of different short-sweet discount, offers, announcement in the notification bar will assist you to hold the visitor to your website from turning the page. Some of the free WordPress plugins with higher ratings and multiple functions are WP Notification Bars, WPFront Notification Bar,… and WordPress Notification Bar. Tip- Follow KISS rule for your notification (Keep it short and sweet)

Newsletter Plugin

Email marketing might look primitive, boring and time-consuming process in front of Social Media Marketing, but the truth is this is the best technique in marketing amongst potential customer. This helps you to create a healthy relationship with your customer. So, if you don’t have the newsletter plugin on your site, then install it immediately without any further delay. Some of the best free newsletter plugins, according to review and ratings are MailPoet Newsletters, Newsletter,…and Email Subscribers and Newsletter.

This is not rocket science, it is a slow and steady process but sure to the destination. We highly suggest you that start using the free inevitable WordPress plugins as a kick start from the above-mentioned suggestion. This is step by step process with no hard and fast rule, nurture it and repeat, which will ultimately lead you to your goal.

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