3 popular dating site features to increase user engagement in your site

Here, we are going to talk about the 3 popular dating site features you need to have in your WordPress based website for attracting and retaining your visitors. What makes your dating site popular? One of the plain and simple answers is the features you provide to your users.

Rather than focusing on providing numerous feature, focusing on providing useful features is important. These are the small steps to engage the user with your site.

Meet me – changing conversation from virtual reality to reality
Simple interface and premium theme – simple, easy  and attractive wins the game
Blocking and Reporting users – Ability to block the irritating User or Ex and Ex

Meeting perfect strangers 

The sole purpose of getting into dating site is to get into some action like meeting your partner, rather than talking on-screen you will progress when you will have a real-time face to face conversation.

Meet me feature is an easy step in finding your life partner or a random people, which other dating sites are missing. This can be your advantage against your competitors.

This feature works amazing and you can find this feature in WPDating plugin. The mechanism behind this is simple, when a user creates a profile, this feature will extract the information and uses a high-level algorithm to match a perfect partner for the user. This will show the user a series of photos and name in their profile, all they need to do is accept or reject.

This gives a user sense that everything is in control and in their hand itself. When a user finds this kind of features in your dating site then they will register on your site. In fact, they may recommend it to their friends.

Simple interface and premium theme to attract more user

If you need to point out some of the important dating site features then, it is the one. A nice interface is a key to your user’s heart. If your site has less activity and low engagement than this might be due to your dull and complex interface.

Let’s say when a user visits your site and they need to spend more time in learning and understanding how to use your site then they lose the patience and you will lose your premium member. Your interface should be understood by both young adult and older adults.

Nobody likes a dull and boring theme. When you have an appealing theme it is the attention grabber at first, as we know the first impression is the last impression.

A theme should be convincing enough to hold the user for a longer period on your dating site. Lavish Date Theme and Platinum Theme are some of the examples of the attractive theme in the market. Apart from these, you can also find other themes in the market.

Premium themes are made by the experienced developer, less or near to zero issue and these themes are user-friendly and customizable. Thus it attracts more user and increases user activity and engagement. This is the reason why we insist you to go for a premium theme for your dating site.

When a user realizes your interface and theme is very confusing and boring then, the user feels lazy to navigate in your site even they don’t hesitate to switch from your site to your rivals. More complication will lead to more problem. Here, the win-win situation is to use a simple interface and an attractive theme.

More complication will lead to more problem. Here, the win-win situation is to use a simple interface and an attractive theme.

 Blocking and reporting the user is  must

Blocking and reporting the user, this feature seems so mainstream, but it is one of the powerful dating site features.

Let’s say if a user finds someone so irritating and they are not able to block that person then the one and only option left for your visitors is to leave the site or deactivate their account. I hope you don’t want that to happen to your dating site, do you?

Some user might abuse another user, let’s say using their images, sending inappropriate images,… assaulting verbally, then they should be able to block or report that particular user so they face a consequence.

Sounds easy, huh? This is like taking care of your user which will benefit in the long term.

At last…

If you could, then you should timely create new innovative, dedicated features for your members or at least you should have these 3 features to attract more user or uplift your site to the next level. These small things will lead you to the more user registration and increase activity on your dating site.

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