How to promote a dating site with the help of Google Analytics data

Data plays important role in life, whether it is for forecasting or decision making, similarly statistics helps the website to function properly and promote a dating site by providing useful data and resources. Google Analytics is a platform that tracks and reports website traffic to the administrator.

With almost 15 million downloads on, it is one of the most popular plugins amongst users. It is very easy to use though, just by copying the simple code to your website you can control it, knowing exactly what is happening on your website e.g. total no of visitors, popular pages, live time stats,… and all the essentials tracking. This gives you the bird view approach, everything on your sight.

You might be wondering how this plugin helps you to promote your dating site or any other website. Basically, this follows the ABC approach to the traffic.

  • Acquisition -How visitors come to your website
  • Behavior     -What do visitors do on your website
  • Conversion -How visitors are  converted into customers

Using the Acquisition Data to improve your Dating Site’s Performance

This assists you to make a data-driven decision, making contingency plan or long-term strategy. The acquisition is all about how you get your visitors on your website, whether it is from the organic search, referral, direct traffic, social referral and other sources. This lets you focus on your weak source and strengthen it.

Suppose you get most of your traffic from the Social media, then you can focus your next campaign to launch in Instagram, twitter, Facebook snapchat et cetera.More relevant traffic means more chances of high conversion ratio which will help you to promote your dating site on those audiences.

Using Behavioural data to make visitors engage to your Dating site

Behavioral lets you know about what the user does on your site, which pages and column are most popular with your audiences. You can acknowledge how the users think of your site, how long they stay on your page.

Behavior section of Google Analytics gives you the data about the visitor’s repeated visits, which means the members of your dating site are using your site on a frequent basis.  You can use the frequency and recency data to analyze and present which type of offers helps you retain the members of your dating site.

High conversion and high retention leads to high user activity on your dating site

Conversion helps you to know about the people who are converted from visitor to customer and the number of person bounces from your site.This answer assists you to publicize in the market.

Conversions can be confusing if you are new to this topic. But basically, it only means that the visitors do what you want them to do. For your dating site, you want your visitors to register as a member first.

Or, you probably want your free plan members to purchase your dating site’s premium packages. This you have to set as a goal in your google analytics account. You can perform various tests to improve the conversion on your dating sites, but at first, we suggest you start with providing different promotional offers.

If the user retention is low then the users are not finding your site helpful. Suppose lots of users who visits your site is female and you have a low number of male then they will not visit next time. In order to overcome this, you need to attract more male users by proper advertisement.

If you have more users from the particular area then why not try to make it your user more diverse targeting to a different location, so that the user who is searching for partner becomes more excited seeing user from a different culture, religion, and location. These basic ideas help you to uplift your performance of your site by focusing on the shortcoming of your website.                                                 

Dating site promotion using Analyzed data

Planning and decision relying only on your intuition might work sometime, but if you have a clear insight then it will be easier for you to advertise.

You can promote your dating site through numerous ways, but when you have a concrete fact then what to focus, whom to focus and how to focus becomes effective.

If you think your site is not so popular, you can ask several questions to yourself, Is my site dull?, Am I targeting right customer?, Should I switch from free theme to premium theme e.g. Lavish-Date Theme or WP Dating theme or try popular WPDating Plugin which has great interface and are popular among the dating site owners.

Why is your dating site bouncing rate high despite having a good presence of male and female traffic? Whether it is due to not focusing on same sex on your dating site, where most of them visit for the same sex partner. You can more emphasize on that topic and try to engage them so they feel like they are being included and get involved with your dating site.

You can solve these issues and benefit from your dating site. You can have a competitive advantage when you take care of these small things on your dating site.

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